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The Case Study Of

Mak The God

Up and Coming Lyrical Rapper and Music Artist.

After years of honing his craft, here is how he worked with Invigorous to make his brand as real and refined as his lyricism.

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“Who are you?”

“I make music to tear down the social expectations of black men in America…”

– Marlon “Mak The God” Putman

Before completing any work for any of our clients, we set time aside to discover who our client is, and what they hope to gain from working with us. In order to create a solid plan, it is crucial that we know what kind of foundation we’re starting from as well as the integrity of that foundation and what our clients want to build on that foundation.

Marlon (also known as “Mak The God”) was already a talented and hardworking artist and radio personality. He was clearly beginning to excel in his chosen fields of focus, but was lacking the online presence to exhibit those truths.

With an in-depth Niche Development Consultation, Marlon was able to pin-point his own perspective while also making revelations about what he aimed to provide to his audience. From there, we could move forward in planning his future endeavors with confidence.

“We’ll get it done.”

The Rush for a website.

One of the first things we did for Marlon was claim his website. But, other things took precedence in his life so taking it from a simple landing page with a basic contact link to a multi-page website didn’t occur until another opportunity sprang up.

As one of our InVIP clients, when Marlon found out about a funding opportunity in his region, he didn’t hesitate to reach out to us for clarity.

The website had been up for quite some time, but suddenly the pressure was on to expand the website and make it presentable to a grant foundation in less than 2 weeks.

(On top of that? The grant application itself was due in less than 24 hours of the time of the call, and he needed our input on that was well. For more on that, click here to read about the other services we’ve provided for Mak The God.)

Before our time was up, we added 5 pages to Marlon’s website, fleshed them out with some basic copy, integrated contact forms, embellished them with immersive transitions and even checked the flow and response across platforms.

“What do you need?”

We thrive on purpose.

More on consultations with Mak the God will go here as we continue to work with his company.
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